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Moving You from Veteran-Friendly to Veteran-Ready™

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Your Outsourced Military Veteran Recruitment and Retention Program™

Moving You from Veteran-Friendly to Veteran-Ready™! We want to be the Premiere Military Candidate Recruiting, Placement, and Retention Firm in North America.


For America's businesses

We don’t have an “experience” disconnect in companies looking at Military Candidates, we have a “potential” disconnect where companies are hiring only for today’s problems and failing to hire for tomorrow’s solutions.

For Military Veterans

When we tell you that we understand your employment struggle, we do truly understand more than you realize. The frustration, the calls, the applications, the “hey, we’ll be in contact”, the voicemail answers, are familiar to us all. As Military Transition Advocates, our primary concern is not only the transition issues in leaving the military, but also in how to gain industry experience in order to land a position commensurate to the scope and responsibilities you had in the military. This is especially problematic for our Senior Officers and our Senior Non-Commissioned Officers.

For global industries

We conduct our due diligence to ensure we only recommend military candidates who are able to protect your reputation, your responsibilities, and your property. Our intent is to provide our transitioning military Veterans a career, and not just a job.

We’re making a difference in the way our transitioning military members and their families are treated after sacrificing so much during their service to our Nation, and it starts here, with us.


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