BRK Strategies


Behind The Curtain.

Pricing Transparency

BRK Strategies provides free employment advice and assistance for our US Military Veterans and their Military Spouses. Our operations are funded by organizations who want to build or fix their programs and/or want to hire Military Candidates or their Military Spouses for long-term, meaningful employment.

Why would we put our structure, our pricing, and our services for all to see?

  • We believe in transparency with our clients and with our candidates

  • We want you to know pricing and services so you can compare with our competitors upfront

  • We want you to know what your organization will get and what we will commit to giving from beginning to end

  • Our goal is to show your organization how to bring in more Veterans and then, if you want us to, we will help provide great Military Talent for your openings

We are transparent with our message to you:

We want to be Your Outsourced Military Veteran Recruitment and Retention Program™

  • We want to increase your organization’s ability to attract, hire, and retain premier Military Veteran Talent and for you to become an Employer of Choice for our Nation’s Warriors and their families

  • We want to help protect your brand, your reputation, and your property by only recommending Tier-One Level Military Talent and we have the reputation in the Military Community to bring that top talent to your organization.

  • We will guide, mentor, place, and then continue to mentor Military Veterans placed into your organization to promote long-term growth and retention for up to 12 months after placement

  • We will maintain a pricing structure set to benefit you and the Military Veteran in hiring our Direct Placement Military Candidates for your vacancies.  We maintain a price point well below other Military Veteran focused or staffing companies (please see Pricing Structure below). We believe that a lower price will allow us to increase the number of Veterans placed into jobs over the long term.

  • Most recruiting organizations use a 15% to 30% placement fee, we operate far less of that placement model because our goal is to Move You from Veteran Friendly to Veteran Ready™, to find long-term and meaningful jobs for our Veterans, and to be able to keep our company operating above margin. Our daily training rates are also presented below to help you plan your training events and to stay within your training budget even before you contact us.

We are transparent with our pricing structure:

How are we different?

Our price is simple. $4k per hire and a $4,500.00 initial, one-time, retainer fee that allows us to set up the resources needed to fully support your vacancies. The question asked frequently is "why are your prices so low when everyone else charges 15-30%?" For a placement of a person with a $100k salary, that is a fee to the company of $15-30k per hire. Not us, just $4k, no matter the hire and an employer gets just as good of a quality hire. Whether the candidate is a STEM degree, an experienced Operations Manager, a Lean Six-Sigma Expert, or a Maintenance Technician (just to name a few), the price remains the same, $4k. Don’t doubt for a moment about the quality level of the candidates we provide, they are the same caliber candidates provided by our competitors who are great military-focused companies.

At BRK Strategies, we aren't placing Veterans and Military Spouses just for payment. We are doing our best to ensure they have a great place to land for the sole purpose of helping stabilize the military family after their military separation, so we know they are staying with you. For us, it's about Retention and Mentorship, it is not about a "Fire and Forget" mentality where other organizations place the Veteran/Spouse and disappear.

Our candidates we place agree to meet with us twice a month for mentorship for at least 12 months after we have placed them into a new job. We do our absolute best to screen employers prior to agreeing to go under contract to place our Nation's Warriors in their ranks. The absolute last thing we want is to place our brothers and sisters in a "turn and burn" organization where they will end up leaving the position and setting the military family back in their transition cycle.

At BRK Strategies, we believe the #1 reason recently separated Veterans struggle following their separation from the military is the inability to find that “meaningful” job. We have the experience, the expertise, and the passion to help them realize a much smoother transition while providing you and dedicated new hire who is focused on remaining with your organization for the long term.