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We are the authority on military candidate placement

In addition to the services listed below, we are experts at providing the military talent you need for your vacancies. We attend several military-specific hiring events per year to screen, interview, and place military talent into organizations just like yours. We place our focus on higher-tier talent by attending events where candidates are required to have advanced degrees, certifications, and work experience.

In addition to our ability to focus on the best talent, we also have a comprehensive retention program. Our program is focused on ensuring the talent you have hired has a step-based retention program with us to help control your costs of any future replacement, and to help our transitioning Military Service Members ease into their post-military careers, therefore ensuring long-term placement.

Building and Executing Program Strategies and Timelines

We can provide overall direction and focus to meeting OFCCP Guidelines, as they relate to Military Veterans. We can also create initial Monitor and Control guidance for the effectiveness of a Military Recruiting Program during the first and subsequent years of operation. We can also show you how to hire the best candidates to sustain a successful military recruiting program.

maintaining a pre-screened applicant pool

Be ready to cross-reference needs against current candidate pool. Maintain a Military Candidate Pool cross-referenced with Candidate expectations and qualifications that can be searched upon request for a specific skill set or need.

ReTAINing Hired Military Candidates

Increase the retention of recently hired Military Veteran employees. Focus efforts on the Military Candidate from first contact throughout the first year of employment. Recent surveys show up to 70% of transitioning Service Members leave their first employment opportunity within the first year of employment.


Provide an avenue for graduating Military Veterans, Military Spouse, and Returning to the Workforce Veterans/Spouses. Interns sometimes are paid a stipend, but in most instances interns are fulfilling an academic requirement of the college or university. Although supervisors and staff must spend time supervising and training interns, the potential payoff is having a “known” applicant who is familiar with agency operations.


Close the knowledge gap for Hiring Managers and Recruiters in understanding Military Candidates. Develop, ongoing refinement, of training material to present to Hiring Managers, Talent Acquisition Leadership, Human Resource Business Partners, and Recruiters covering Military Candidate competencies, qualifications, and skills.

Improving Hiring Flexibilities in Highly Centralized Systems

Hiring processes take too long, resulting in high quality applicants are looking elsewhere for jobs. Top applicants transitioning from the military are faced with multiple opportunities in desirable locations. In some instances, rigid requirements and lengthy inflexible scoring processes wash out well-qualified applicants..

Military Credentialing Workshops

Activities designed to certify Transitioning Service Members. For a Hiring Manager, a lot of the military skills and experience do transfer into recognized skills sets. This is an opportunity to interact with Service Members engaged in obtaining Nationally and Globally recognized competency certifications to show that their military skills and qualifications match corporate experience expectations for certain positions and pay levels. IE: Project Management Professional, Professional in Human Resources, Senior Professional in Human Resources, Microsoft Certifications, Coding, Cyber Security, Six Sigma, Fundamentals of Engineering.

CONDUCTing At-Request Sourcing

To perform strategic sourcing efforts to find Veterans with hard-to-place qualifications. Use online recruiting sources to perform good faith efforts to find Veterans with hard to fill qualifications. Using this methodology on a case-by-case basis will increase relations with the Hiring Managers and Recruiters while also placing Military Veterans in key positions.


Connect with Student Military Veterans looking to join the workforce upon graduation. Partner with University Relations teams to provide a contact and outlet for Military Veterans attending institutions of Higher Learning. Both Professional and Technician applicants can be effectively recruited at campus related hiring events.

CREATing Realistic Job Previews (RJP)

Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) are designed to prevent applicants from accepting positions that they have little knowledge or are not suited to perform, mitigating turnover among employees who did not understand their job when they were hired. An RJP is a recruiting tool designed to reduce “early” turnover by communicating both the desirable and the undesirable aspects of a job before applicants accept a job offer.





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