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We, as a Nation, are finally increasing the focus on hiring transitioning U.S. Military Veterans.

Transitioning Military Veterans encounter stiff resistance to good-paying, long-term, and meaningful positions due to the inability of major industries to translate military skills, experience, and accomplishments into industry specific terms. Industries' inability to translate the Military specific knowledge, skills, and attributes of Military Veterans inadvertently penalizes Mid to Senior Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers and prevents them from gaining civilian positions better suited to their previous military positions. This creates a growing amount of underemployment and a higher propensity to leave their first employer within the first 12 months following their transition from the U.S. Military. Often the major inhibitor to gaining an initial interview with industry is the single lack of industry experience.

Industries that have taken a step forward and hired personnel specifically to interpret military resumes, skill, experiences often do not have the required military to civilian experience to effectively advocate for Military Veterans to gain a potential employment interview.

American industries, specifically the automotive, rail, aviation, and oil/gas, have experienced a surplus in retirements over the last few years leaving a "generational gap" where most of the workforce have over 20 years and less than 10 years of experience. This gap has created a hole in the human factor aspect of organizations where leadership, counseling, and problem solving has become a critical need to the future successes of the organization. Transitioning Military Veterans have years of professional education and life experiences in these needed skills.

US Military Veterans are coming to Houston (5,000 Annually) and do not have industry experience in Oil/Gas, Healthcare, IT, or Leadership Training and Training Development.

We can help by:

Providing direct placement for better qualified transitioning Veterans (Tier 1 Candidates with direct industry experience and qualifications).

Providing advice, evaluation, training, and oversight for Military Recruiting Programs, Veterans Employee Resource Groups, and training with Hiring Managers and the HR Community.

Providing training, advice, and oversight if needed on OFCCP audits and compliance to include after hire retention rates, and promotion rates.

There are over 250,000 Transitioning Military Service Members leaving our U.S. Military annually (over 5,000 annually just to the Houston, TX area alone). No other organization is either as well-qualified or is currently offering our unique blend of services with our depth of Military to Civilian Recruitment experience.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance's (OFCCP) Vietnam Veteran Era Readjustment Act of 1973 (VVERA) - modified in 2013 to include Post 9/11 Military Veterans), states that each organization conducting business with the U.S. Government must comply with a mandated 6.4% benchmark for hiring of Protected Category Military Veterans (Recently Separated, Disabled Veteran, Campaign Medal Veteran, and Service Medal Veteran.). Companies must meet this mandate not only as an entity but by department, plant, or any other separate business activities supporting the whole of the business. If companies are not currently meeting the 6.4% mandate, they must be able to show the "good faith" efforts the company has in place to attract, retain, and promote the protected categories or face financial and other penalties levied by the OFCCP for non-compliance.

We also believe an untapped market for Military Veteran staffing needs is in the ever-growing Hispanic-owned companies in the Texas market. Therefore, we also offer services to companies and candidates who speak Spanish as part of our staffing solutions.