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Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Benny Kinsey has years of direct experience working directly with Service Academy Graduates to create a quality resume experience. Benny helps Academy Graduates, Service Members, and their Military Spouses design a resume directed toward the industries and positions they are interested in entering, thereby increasing their chances of gaining attention from the Talent Acquisition Community and Hiring Managers.

With over a decade of experience in helping our Transitioning Military gain their first post-military service position following his own military retirement, and through directly building the military recruiting programs at both IBM and General Motors, Benny has developed a wide array of information relating to resumes, job descriptions, military to civilian information conversion, SACC and MOJO hiring events, recruiters, interviewing, and most importantly, how to select the best job offer.

Benny enjoys working with transitioning Service Members and Military Spouses to create a better military to civilian translation and resume experience and he looks forward to helping you too. For him, it’s just taking care of troops and their families as he has always done to the best of his ability.

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